Friendship, Hospitality, and Adventure

The summer heat and madness always seemed to end at just the right time. Things slowed down in the city, while on the coast the Atlantic fired up. We’d embark on new journeys and find the perfect balance of calm & excitement. Quiet sunrise coffee & pumping hurricane surf.

When we opened our café, the idea was the same. To bring a sense of both calm & excitement into a space. The feelings that this time of year seems to evoke. New season, new beginnings, new perspectives.

September was born from a love for coffee and surfing, and driven by a desire to build community.

In 2016...

We opened our doors as a café, retail space and surfboard shaping studio. 2 years later, we converted the shaping room into a kitchen, moved the workshop down the street, and began making boards under the name Brainchild Surfboards.

Our fun-loving team comes from a diverse background, but we all share the same enthusiasm for the good things in life. We move forward in the spirit of friendship, hospitality, and adventure.